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May 1, 2024

In the Beginning - an artwork

Image description: black and grey background. Green curly lines around a central jellybean shaped rainbow with a heart in the middle.

This content has a custom transcript:

Artist's statement:

"We are all born the same - blood and bones bound together with skin. Yet, somewhere in history, we got it wrong as the majority and the strong claimed their privilege. The scales of humanity are uneven and basic human rights, that are owed to every single person, have been stripped away. The colour has been drained from our very being. But bit by bit we are reclaiming our right to take space in this world. Our voices are raised and are being heard. The colour dwelling deep within each of us is stirring, moving and popping up to the surface for all to see. We can see it in ourselves and in each other as we let our colours grow."

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